IPL 2021 matches announced, BCCI said - the rest of the tournament will be held in UAE in September-October

IPL 2021 was organized in India only. But it was suspended on 4 May after the players were found positive.

IPL 2021 matches announced

Updates have come regarding the remaining matches of IPL 2021. The remaining 31 matches of the tournament will now be played in the UAE itself. This decision was taken at the special general meeting of BCCI held on 29 May. Under this, all the members of the Indian board unanimously approved the completion of the IPL. Under this, the rest of the games will be played in the month of September-October. In a statement issued by the BCCI, it is said that in the month of September-October, it rains in India. For this reason, we have decided to hold the tournament in the UAE. Earlier in April-May, IPL 2021 was held in India only. But after the players were found positive, it was suspended on 4 May. Since then, there was speculation about the rest of its matches. At the same time, it was decided about the T20 World Cup that the Indian Cricket Board will ask for time during the ICC meeting to be held on 1 June.

In its report, the news agency ANI said that the BCCI discussed the completion of IPL 2021 and hosting the T20 World Cup in the meeting of Special General Meeting on 29 May. During this time, it was decided that in the month of September-October for the IPL, keeping in mind the place, foreign players will be talked. However, even if foreign players do not come, then the conduct of the tournament will not be affected.

Plan to hold the remaining matches in 25 days time

A source has been quoted quoting that the BCCI will proceed with the plan to hold the tournament in the UAE itself. Under this, the goal is to complete the remaining matches within 25 days. The source said, 'The Emirates Cricket Board is in talks and they agree to do the rest of the last time in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. The BCCI will now talk to foreign players about their availability. Australian players may be available but there is doubt about the players of England and New Zealand. We will see what happens next. '

As far as the T20 World Cup is concerned, there is still four months in it. In such a situation, it was decided in the meeting unanimously that the BCCI will ask for the time till the end of June from the ICC. It will be said from his side that only after this a decision should be taken on the tournament. The board is confident that the situation in Corona will improve in the coming months.

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