England's batsman counted the benefits of IPL, said - should not just look at the money

England's batsman counted the benefits of IPL

Former England team cricketers say that England players should leave the IPL due to national duty, but Jose Butler says that we are aware of the benefits of IPL. Money is not just a reason.

England wicketkeeper Jose Butler praised the Indian Premier League (IPL). The 30-year-old Butler said the T20 tournament was beneficial, not only financially, but also from the standpoint of gaining experience. Butler made his IPL debut for Rohit Sharma's Mumbai Indians (MI) in 2016 and is currently part of Rajasthan Royals (RR) since 2018. Butler has said that there is no option to leave IPL and we cannot give up financial benefits.

Butler's remarks come after he and some other England players got involved in a fresh controversy. England are scheduled to play a Test series against New Zealand in June, just after the IPL playoffs, but according to the Corona Virus protocol, it is not possible for England players to play cricket for England just after being freed from IPL 2021. In such a situation, Butler, Joffra Archer, Johnny Bairstow and many other key players will have to leave the Test matches because of their participation in the IPL.

England head coach Chris Silverwood also confirmed his availability for the entire season of IPL. After this, Jos Buttler now spoke to The Guardian, saying, "We all know the benefits of IPL. It is very beneficial not only for the individual, but also as the cricket side of England. Especially in this IPL India Where the World T20 is going to be played. The monetary rewards are obvious, but the experience you get is different. So it has a lot of plus points. "

Before the T20 series starting in Ahmedabad, he said, "It has a great advantage. Nobody has played before, so it is a big advantage for us to know about this particular stadium and the conditions. As a white ball team , Usually the situations we grapple with is when the pitch slows down and the ball spins more and has a different gameplan. Playing against the best teams in a tournament under World Cup conditions is very important for us. that's good."

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